Flaanimal 5.0 Titanium Framsets are $4200 CAD

(frame, fork, axles)

All sizes except 49cm in stock and ready to ship (Feb 2023)

Flaanimal 5.0 Framesets are $2250 CAD

(frame, fork, axles)

All sizes in stock and ready to ship now (Feb 2023)

Trail Donkey 4.0 Framesets are $4100 CAD

(Frame, fork, headset, axles)

Pre-orders being accepted now, shipping starting Spring 2023

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In Stock Flaanimals

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Cerakote Sunflower Sky Custom Paint Frameset

  • $7500: SRAM Rival/GX AXS Groupset, 650b Fulcrum wheelset with Ultradynamico Mars tires, Thomson cockpit
  • 61cm: Come check it out!

Why Rodeo Labs?

Rodeo was brought to our attention by some customers that wanted to get a gravel bike that wouldn’t get outdated next year, wouldn’t hold them back on any rides, and could handle BC’s rough and tough single track. We really clicked with what Rodeo is doing, and found them to be a really refreshing brand. They brought forward some amazing innovations, and we stand behind their product. They make what they want to ride, and now we all want to ride them.


The Flaanimal 5.0

“5.0 set a new bar for the Flaanimal platform, one that has been in a continuous state of evolution since its inception in 2015. The innovative construction and massively adaptable feature set of this bicycle platform represent what we consider to be a new high water mark for a production steel (and carbon) gravel / adventure bike. Flaanimal is meant to be built and ridden in any way that its rider imagines. It can be blisteringly fast on pavement on skinny slicks. It can be smooth, efficient, and competitive on gravel. With it’s win at the 2021 Tour Divide as piloted by Jay Petervary, Flaanimal has added bikepacking racing to it’s list of proven accomplishments.” – Rodeo

Japanese Custom Butted, Heat Treated Tubing

Flaanimal 4.0 was built with Reynolds 725 tubing, but with the change to a weight saving carbon seat tube on 5.0, we removed one of the three main steel tubes from the frame that Reynolds requires as a minimum to carry the Reynolds badge. Instead of seeing this as a liability, we saw an opportunity to entirely re-evaluate the tubing spec of the frameset. We worked with a longstanding tubeset supplier in Japan that allowed us to custom draw size-specific tubesets for 5.0, and also heat treat it for equal or better strength to weight characteristics as compared to 4.0. With the addition of tire clearance on 5.0, we see the potential for riders to take on even more aggressive terrain so we increased wall thickness of key sections of tube to add strength in critically stressed areas. As with every bike and component we make, Flaanimal 5.0 is certified to ISO 4210 standards.

CNC Machined Yoke / Dropped Stay

Our quest for increased Flaanimal function led us first on a search for more tire clearance. Not every Flaanimal owner needs more tire clearance, but every Flaanimal owner can potentially benefit from it over the ownership life of the bike. Tire clearance isn’t just about cramming huge tires into a frame though, tire clearance also relates to increased mud clearance when not running huge tires. An easy solution for increasing tire clearance would have been to shift the q-factor of the frameset to a MTB q-factor, allowing the chain stays to be spaced further apart thus creating more room for bigger tires. Going to an MTB q-factor also would have resulted in us deviating from Flaanimal’s road-oriented roots, which was something we were not willing to do. The solution for increased tire and mud clearance was to design a steel yoke for the drive side chainstay. Starting from scratch, we worked up an entirely new yoke design that solved our clearance needs and allowed Flaanimal 5.0 to retain its road q-factor. The yoke contributes to Flaanimal 5.0’s ability to run 700c x 50mm or 650b x 2.4” maximum tire sizes. Slider position is adjustable for tuning chainstay clearance per tire size. The max 1x chainring size on Flaanimal 5.0 is 46t. 2x cranksets as small as 24t/36t up to 34t/50t are also possible on the frameset.

The Flaanimal is available in several “Naked” options, with coloured decals. There are also countless Cerakote paint options, as well as custom paint options.
The Cerakote finish is an additional $650 CAD
Custom paint is an additional $650 CAD +, depending on the complexity of the design.

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Lead times vary based on size, feel free to reach out and ask.

Trail Donkey 4.0

The Traildonkey Story

Now in its 6th iteration, Traildonkey has upped its capabilities to match our ever growing ambitions. In the last 10 years, our eyes for rugged conditions have only gotten bigger and the punishment we’ve subjected the bike to has only gotten more severe. Rodeo wanted to create a more capable bike, but did not however want to turn Traildonkey into an overbuilt, drop bar mountain bike. Wanting to stay true to the original principles of the bike, it was necessary that it feel at home in the intensity of a competitive road group ride, a 200 mile gravel race, a winding ribbon of singletrack, or a multi-day bikepacking trip.

The entire 4.0 has gone through a full blank sheet redesign. New Monocoque carbon layup, more tire clearance, tons of mounting points, sliding dropouts, full cable integration, and a snazzy storage box.

More Capable, Just as Sleek

In order to achieve even greater tire clearances, extensive and careful shaping was required in the design of the rear triangle. The updated dropout design also makes it more capable to fit a larger tire in, while also being able to change the handling of the bike. The result is the same tire clearance as the Flaanimal frame; 700×2.1 and 650×2.4.

If you want a super clean looking bike, Rodeo Labs made the frame capable of having fully integrated cables and housing. The only housing that will be seen is where it exits the frame at the brake calipers and rear derailleur.

TD4 features extensive mounting options for long-distance travel and bikepacking, 23 to be exact. This means you can run a custom frame bag that mounts directly to the frame.

T47 Bottom Bracket

Rodeo was one of the first bike manufacturers to standardize all of their framesets around the threaded T47 bottom bracket standard. The removable bottom bracket cover on TD4 features a drain hole which allows water to escape the frame in wet conditions. The result is a quiet, low-maintenance bottom bracket experience for every owner. The threads allow reliable, quiet operation over the life of the bike, and the 47mm shell allows compatibility with all crankset spindle diameters while also leaving room for internal Di2 and dropper post routing.


The Trail Donkey is available in a few “Naked” options, with coloured decals, and a few different paint options. As well as full custom paint options with Cerakote or Liquid Paint (for additional charge).

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Lead times vary based on size, feel free to reach out and ask.

Shipping starting Spring 2023!

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