RIm Brakes Aren't Dead

Its refreshing to see a classic climbing bike these days, and Cannonade ticks all the boxes with the Supersix Evo Hi-Mod. Weighing in at a feathery 15.9lb , its the perfect bike for crushing Munn road and classic Observatory KOMs.  Rim brakes worked great forever, and this bike is a testament to that.  Dura Ace R9100 is as smooth as ever, and adds to the feathery feel of the bike.

Aero Isn't Everything

Recent years have been interesting for frame design. For some, an aero bike just doesn’t work.  We were getting scared everything is gonna get flattened and too aero, and group rides would be spent on tt bars. But Cannonade is here reminding us that a bike can be two triangles, with no gimmicks, and it work great.

Its all in the details

A super bike needs a super build. Enve composites was the obvious choice for a the cockpit. American made and extremely lightweight.  They make an awesome seatpost too, but so does Cannondale, so maybe next time

Super Sticky Kush bartape from Supacaz works great with the colour scheme of the bike. The Bottle Cages from them may not fit the palette, but they’re wild nonetheless. Paired with Rex’s  100% Speedtrap Sunglasses, theres some serious Peter Sagan steeze happening.


Zipp 302 is the best carbon wheel you can get for the price. Reasonably light and Zipp hubs are great. A smooth wheel for a smooth bike. They hold speed well, and are extremely tough.