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We stock wheels from ENVE, Mavic, Shimano, Fulcrum, Campagnolo, NOBL, and many more. if we don’t have it we will get it, or build it.


ENVE SES AR 4.5 Enve Alloy Hub

  • $3450: The wheel that first merged aero with high volume tires, designed to make you faster on all road surfaces. Proven on the cobbles of Paris-Roubaix. Only 1507g

ENVE Foundation 45

  • $2300: Everything we love about ENVE, at a much friendlier price, and only 1541g. Wide rims, Enves unbeatable warranty, and new ID360 Freehub.

Mavic Cosmic SL45 Disc

  • $1999: Unbeatable value, our house wine. at 1575g for the set, few brands can offer a wheelset with some bang for buck.

Shimano Dura Ace 9170 Disc

  • $2599: The master of all disciplines, durable, aero, lightweight and timeless.1563g

Shimano WH-RS770

  • $1090: From road to gravel, the ULTEGRA RS770 supports wider tires for mixed surface and rough tarmac riding. The tubeless carbon laminate rims are complimented by CENTER LOCK disc brake hubs, providing confident braking in all conditions. 1639g

Mavic Allroad SL

  • $1100: Gravel, dirt, teeth-chattering pavé. Ride it all with confidence in control on this lightweight, responsive, all-conditions aluminum wheel featuring Mavic UST Road Tubeless technology.1590g

Mavic Allroad S

  • $750: Trusted Mavic technologies and design, all packaged in a lightweight, durable UST Allroad wheelset with a stunning finish, make this a smart upgrade for adventurous riders. 1765g



ENVE SES AR Handlebar

  • $495 (Contact to pre order): Purpose-built for the modern road rider, the SES AR handlebar features compound flared drops for confident handling, aerodynamic shaping with internal/external routing options for clean airflow and aesthetics, and a carbon laminate that has been tuned for responsive handling without sacrificing comfort.

ENVE SES Aero Handlebar

  • $525: An aerodynamically optimized road drop handlebar that will help you go faster. Through careful handlebar shaping and reducing the rider’s frontal area, it is the ideal bar for road cyclists and short course triathletes looking for maximum aero benefits.

ENVE Road Compact handlebar

  • $460: Road riders with a preference for compact geometry, lightweight, and refined electronic groupset integration need look no further than the ENVE Road Carbon Handlebar.

ENVE Road Stem

  • $350: Road, Gravel, and Cyclocross riders turn to the ENVE Road Carbon Stem for a lightweight and reliable setup with optimized road feel.

ENVE Aero Road Stem

  • $400: The ENVE Aero Road Stem is an aerodynamically honed stem with adjustable length and angle to optimize your position.

ENVE Seatpost

  • $364: Lightweight, reliable, and adjustable Twin-Bolt patented design ENVE Carbon Road Bike Seatpost.