By now you’ve probably seen some of the new Roadmachines from BMC rolling around town. The award winning RoadMachine platform was never lacking in performance, but BMC being the perfectionists they are have managed to enhance the ride for 2020.

Behold, the Roadmachine 2.0!

One Bike to rule them all

Small tweaks to the venerated Roadmachine platform have resulted in concrete improvements that will be appreciated by novice and expert riders alike.

The 2020 RoadMachine boasts a whopping 33mm of tyre clearance allowing riders to equip this machine with a wide variety of tyres for many conditions.

Adding to this theme we see a redesigned carbon D-seatpost, as well as tweaks to the seat-stays, fork and carbon layup to increase the stiffness under braking loads as well as compliance to pesky road noise.

Furthermore standover and reach have been decreased slightly, while the stack has increased slightly.

All of these refinements amount to a perceptively smoother and more response ride. The engineers at BMC cite a 25% increase in compliance. At the end of the day it’s all about the ride.

Throw a leg over one of these machines and its clear that all the R&D hours paid off. These are some of the best feeling bikes we have ever ridden. View the lineup in-store, or here




If you want to ride longer, faster and be more comfortable, nothing beats the RoadMachine 2.0.