Comfort, and Speed. The Fastest Endurance Bike.

The Do Anything Machine

BMC set out to make an all purpose machine. It would seem equally at home on the cobbles with a pro, or on a group ride, with a joe. 

So Fresh, So Clean

There is 4 Inches of housing (hydraulic hoses) visible on this bike, thats not much. Being that the shifting is wireless, it ups the clean factor even more. The split steer tube spacers allows for easy maintenance and adjustment without disconnecting anything. We appreciate that.

Wireless Wifli? Wifi?

Sram Red

It seems like the only group set that should go on a bike like this, its extremely light, the hydraulic brakes are great, and the shifting is precise.  It is available in Di2 variations also.


Sram has weird names for sure., but its WiFLi system is great. It allows for a 32t cassette. This makes the Roadmachine an extremely versatile bike.

The Ride

BMC has been making the Roadmachine for a long time, and this is probably the smoothest version yet, and I’m not talking about looks. When you get on the bike, it becomes apparent that its not your average endurance bike, because it handles way too well. Comparable in feel to its more aggressive SLR counterpart, it just packs a little more smoothness into the ride. The slightly lower bottom bracket adds a comforting sense of stability that compliments the responsive handling very well. They have done little things like the D post, and they were an early adopter of the dropped seat stays, both of which boost the ride experience. But its more than that. The bike just rides well. 30mm tire clearance is a nice cherry on top.

The Verdict

One Bike To Rule Them All

As a bike shop, it hurts to say; But N+1 may be no more. This bike is the bike for all smooth surfaces, and then some. Comfortable for all day in the saddle,  but could be easily be raced. Disc brakes and a wide range cassette makes this bike a joy to ride anywhere. It looks good, It rides well. They figured it out.