BMC Road Machine 01

One Bike To Rule Them All As a bike shop, it hurts to say; But N+1 may be no more. This bike is the bike for all smooth surfaces, and then some. Comfortable for all day in the saddle,  but could be easily be raced. Disc brakes and a wide range cas...

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Winter Tune Up Special

Daniels’ BMC Track Machine

A track bike with flat bars definitely isn’t a rare sight, but one executed this well is. Daniel built this machine up with little intention of taking it on the track, but single track? Probably. Bike packing? Maybe. BMCs’ Al-13 Premium Triple-bu...

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BMC Road Machine RM01: Swiss Precision

BMC is the ultimate in modern road bikes. One look at this ride and you’ll see why. Every part has been engineered to give both the ultimate of aerodynamics, geometry and even serviceability. This build is a Dura-Ace 9100 Di2 build with hydraulic ...

Devinci Django

Built up, it is a thing of beauty. It’s crazy how far mountain biking tech has come in the past few years. This thing climbs like a goat, descends like mad and rides better than many riders can.
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